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The Inagaki Animal Hospital is a local veterinary clinic in Niigata, which happens to be the hometown of Rumiko Takahashi. How lucky can you be to get one of the world’s most famous mangaka to design your sign for you? Soichiro and Shampoo make great mascots.

-Rumic World

So apparently Haruto visited Brazil, and the people there spoke english.

Well, at least it wasn’t Spanish…

Some more animated sprites for some prominent Adamant Ditto Fans!






I asked my good ol’ dad to identify the first 151 Pokémon and I think the results are glorious

(not pictured but he did correctly identify Mew after he realized his slip-up with Mewtwo)

what are your favorites?


I’m not sure if this was already posted here on Tumblr but oh well.

Rockman (Megaman): Beat Dr. Wily

Children’s Story book

Since it was translated from it’s Japanese format, read the book from right to left! 

Sanji would be so proud!


Hurray, I finally finished the Mega Man StreetPass puzzle! I even walked up and down Nippombashi for the express purpose of getting pieces, haha. It’s actually a pretty neat animation once you finish it!

But I have to admit, I’m still wracking my brain over WHY a Mega Man StreetPass puzzle was made. It’s probably nothing more than a little bit of love for the Blue Bomber, but it’s still surprising. Outside of Smash Bros. and the Virtual Console, there hasn’t been much going on with Mega Man in games.

The only other non-Nintendo puzzle, which is also only available in Japan I think, is the Monster Hunter 4 puzzle. Another Capcom game. But of course, Nintendo is kind of holding the reigns to Monster Hunter right now (this is my assumption, but really, how does Monster Hunter suddenly become a Nintendo exclusive after years of doing great on the PSP?).

If it is a Smash Bros. nod, there where are the Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog puzzles? Heck, Sonic has like three Nintendo exclusive games going on right now, and yet there’s no StreetPass puzzle for him.

If it’s an acknowledgement of his Virtual Console presence, then were are the other VC puzzles? There are other notable titles on the Virtual Console; Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Tetris, etc.

Of course, deep down I want it to “mean something.” I want it to indicate something big Mega Man-related is on the way. But I don’t think any kind of title has ever been preceded by a StreetPass puzzle. And I’m probably getting carried away in imagining it has some kind of bigger meaning (as fans of things are wont to do).

In the end… whatever. It’s still very cool!

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